Wednesday, December 18, 2013

I need your help picking a new story (or part of a story) to share!

I've been wracking my brain as to which story to work on next (either finish writing or finish editing). And before you ask: Yes, I am working on Sun Damage. A lot. And that's why it's good to take a little break to work on something else. Right? Right.
And I have so many new stories/pieces of stories that I'm excited about, but I don't know which one people would want to read first. So I am turning to you, internet friends and family, to help me decide.
Here's a little bit on each story. If any of them interest you, just vote at the bottom. I'm hoping to have it posted by New Year's Day!

Beholder(Short story): Beholder is a story about sight. And fish. And a serial killer. 

Shadow Tag (Story): This is flash fiction (I think). And it's experimental. Shadows move among his world, and only he can stop them. He can't even write about them without the lines being crossed out.
The rough draft. 

Stranger on The Train(Chapter one of "the android story"): Are you a human or a machine, and which is worse?
From my notebook. The first draft.

The Donor(The first part): A story about one girl and her desperate attempt at making some money for her family before time runs out (This takes place in the same world as The Sunshine Series, but it's very different). 

Ava's Song (a.k.a. a Sunshine Series horror spin-off)(excerpt):
Michael has searched an eternity for her. Now that he has her, he isn't going to let go. (characters include Evan, Ava, and Micheal).

Notes from a workshop on this story.

Six (excerpt): Corbin is in love with a box her mother bought at a yard sale for a dollar. It's never opened, but she still loves it. Maybe that's why she's been in and out of mental facilities since she was little. That and the shadows. They're everywhere. 

Vote for your favorite here:

What Story (or part of a story) do you want next? free polls 

Happy voting! Can't wait to share something new with you guys!

: )

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